Anti-Chew Strips For Dogs - deter chewing of furniture, door frames and soft furnishings

Anti-Chew Strip

Anti-Chew Strips can help to deter dogs and teething puppies from damaging your household furniture and fittings. The anti-chew strip only contains natural ingredients that a dog will dislike tasting or smelling, which encourages your dog to stop chewing your woodwork and fabrics.

The natural ingredients used in the Anti-Chew Strip have been updated with a new recipe and now include cayenne pepper, oregano leaf, lemon and peppermint, with a hypo-allergenic adhesive and nylon backing strip. This special mix is also successfully used with the Anti-Lick Strip range of products which are applied directly to cats and dogs to stop them from licking their wounds.

Anti-Chew StripEach pack of Anti-Chew Strip Home Protection contains a 5ft roll of anti-chew strip that you can cut to length, and 12 special adhesive tabs. The tabs are sticky on both sides and have been lab-tested not to harm surfaces when removed. The packaging gives step by step instructions on how to apply to the area you want to protect. After using the anti-chew strip for a while your dog will learn to leave the surface alone and you can then remove the Anti-Chew Strip from your furnishings.

Anti-Chew Strips can be used to stop puppies and dogs from teething or chewing on a variety of surfaces including doors, skirting boards, kitchen units, chairs, tables, cables, sofas, side-tables, beds, chests of drawers and dressers. However it is not recommended for bed baskets.

Anti-Chew Strips

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